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  • Helping pet owners eliminate pet odor is really helping pets. Pet odor can be the most frustrating part of having a pet and people need an affordable solution that allows them to focus on their pet… not their odor.
  • Eliminating odor with enzymes is better than masking odor with fragrance or chemicals. Our products work naturally to completely remove all odors while disbursing enjoyable fragrance in place of unpleasant odors. Our candles provide you with approximately 70 hours of enjoyment, when you keep the wick trimmed to 1/8″.
  • Our candles and air freshener sprays, are the best value for the money. Many candles cost in excess of $20 dollars and they are not designed to deal with your odor needs. Our candles retail for $11 (includes tax). Our room sprays retail at $8 (including tax).